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TV Tuner Audi A3 2005-08 with DVD navigation

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I found someone who's selling a tv tuner for Audi. He says that it is for the RNS-E navigation system and cars with CANbus.

This looks perfectly for me but the forum says I have to have partno 4D0 919 146 C but this tuner has partno 7L6 919 146 C manufacturing date is november 2004.

I called with my audi dealer who told me that 7L6 is a Touareg partno.

He also told it is very hard to afterwards equip a car with the tv tuner.
The amplifier is different for cars with navigation only and cars with tv tuner. The amplifier would cost around 200 euros. Also a switch box should be installed to select the best antenna (left, right or both) else you would get a bad signal.

My questions is: When I buy this part 7L6 would I be able to get it working in a decent way?
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My experience of buying a 7L part was it didnt work with an RNS-E, it recognised it, but I could not control it.

And yes your dealer is correct, puttting TV into a car does require amp changes and diversity switches.

Thanks Craig,

So far for my plans to equip the car with a original tv tuner then.
I will try to go for a Dietz 1417 as soon as I find someone who can activate the video while driving without disabling the navigation.

I live in Holland and germany is only a few hours away :D. Heard there are a few company's who offer this.
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