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TV/DVD in US navigation RNS-E (Dietz 1417)

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Finaly I did it ...I guess I'm the first one to test if Dietz 1417 is actually working with US NAV+ RNS-E 8)

...yes it's working




install was almost plug & play :wink:

This in my unit (one box which probably replaced dual box setup)

I have also 1280 Video-in-motion but I didn't decide it yet to put it in or not.
I don't watch Video that much and definitelly not when I drive.

Maybe I will just sell it #-o
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Let me sleep on it over the weekend ...It was pretty hard to get so I want to be 100% sure that I'm not going to install it. :-k
AudiA4B6US said:
Thanx ;)

German Driver said:
Awesome job. Silly question but are you utilizing the actual DVD drive within unit or ME3 or unit such as that?
Yes it's a ME3 :wink:
Proxus or Fritzner,

When you play a DVD and switch to Navi, will the sound continue to play? I mean, if you connect a DVD player which can play MP3 DVDs, can you listen to the music in the same way as you can listen to SD or CD while you navigate?

Yes..... you can hear audio from TV within NAV section :wink:
finally -- GREAT NEWS!!!!!..

my US unit will be this week and i was very concern about what i was going to do if the Multimedia didnt work..

When you play a DVD and switch to Navi, will the sound continue to play? I mean, if you connect a DVD player which can play MP3 DVDs, can you listen to the music in the same way as you can listen to SD or CD while you navigate?
as PROXUS already said -- YES you can listen to audio from TV while the map is on the display.. infact i have my iPod connected thru the 1417 as well..

thanks alot for testing this PROXUS!!
i got my "E" yesterday!!..

it took 2mins to swap out with my "C".. i can 2nd what PROXUS has confirmed -- the Dietz 1417 works with the US "E" RNS-E..

Any update since its been installed? Any problems?

I am getting an Audi A3 next month and I want to do this mod to my new car.

Anyone know if the RNS-E has changed in anyway? Will the Dietz still work with the NAV I am getting in my 06 A3 3.2? I'm in Canada.
You can even start a navigation an continue watching DVD, You will get the routinginfos and the DIS Info. So it is a very good system.

there are no changes that i am aware of, it should work fine in your new A3.. you will need a Dietz 1417 and 1280 (or similar) and an external DVD player..

what do you mean by nav and watch movies at the same time??.. everything i have ever read is that the nav will not work when the speed signal is interupted to allow for video in motion..

i have seen without a speed signal, the nav will still track your location, but not continously..
With the gala wire switched (not connected) the navigationsystem is working, but not as acurate as with the wire. It is a little bit behind. Just as Mobile Navigator 5 or TomTom with a PocketPC. When the navigation is on and you switch back to TV, you can watch it and see the arrows in DIS and hear the commands, if there are some.

cool, i will try that.. in the past, i have always stopped route guidance when my passengers are watching a movie..
tv in motion

Just fitted a switch to gala wire . i have got tv in motion and sat nav is working fine
interesting.. i wonder if nav and VIM (video in motion) only work on the A6??..

i route guidance active and i switched my 1280 to get VIM and the arrow stopped.. i drove around for 10 mins, making several turns and the nav never updated its position, remain distance or estimated time of arrival??..

i will test more on a longer trip..
sorry for the duplicate post, but i wanted to update this thread..

well, i did some more testing with video-in-motion and navigation in my B6 -- and it appears to work pretty well..

started route guidance then activated my 1280.. i was listening to the movie, but put it back in NAV mode so i could see the map.. the arrow didnt move for ~5-10mins, but then it started following along pretty well.. it was quite as smooth, but certainly good enough..

the real benefit is the DIS still works letting you know turns are coming up..

interesting that we are just figuring this out at the same time Dirk announced that some guys in Germany can change it via VAG-COM..

so is this feature available to any Audi? Can you watch TV and DVD movies? Does anyone have any write up on how to go about installing this Dietz 1417/1280? What exactly is this Dietz 1417 and how do I go about finding some info? It seems like a very nice option to have on these Nav system!

There are probably hundreds of posts here about the 1417. I don't like pointing people to the search function, but in this case it really would answer your question.

Please note that the 1417 is already obsolete because Dietz is releasing a new multimedia input device.

Also note that the 1280 is obsolete because you can send your unit off and get your TV in motion unlocked permanently.
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