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Trustworthy ebay sources for the RNS-E? Experiences?

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I was checking out and noticed alot of sellers have good deals on the RNS-E units. Has anyone had any experience buying the RNS-E from sellers? If so, can anyone recommend a particular seller or share their experiences(ex: service, how long it took to get the unit etc...)? I'm somewhat skeptical of buying from ebay, let alone a foreign ebay source so any recommendations would be welcome.
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In simply words it's your risk and your $$$. There is no control or policy over German eBay so if someone will decide to not ship goods to you or package will be are not eligible to any kind of compensation. Also any kind of returns replacements will be very costly because, shipping cost a lot and takes weeks/months.

I risked once and got my unit finally after almost 3 months, but I for a long time I believed that I lost over 1100 Euro. Even that lady in Germany was helpfull we couldn't track my package due to the fact that DHL USA is nothing else just a shitty AirBorne Express. Poor management, poor tracking (if any) and obviously bad relationship with US customs so packages are stuck there for weeks.

For comparison..

I had same (size / weight) item sent:
from Germany via DHL - 2 months - $75
from Poland via POCZTEX - 4 days - $20
from Austria via Österreichische Post - 7 days - $55

The only relatively fast shipping from Germany was when I ordered cables from Ralph Deventer. It took about 5-7 days and wasn't very expensive but I don't remember who was the carrier,

I spent some time in Germany and Austria and I remember that DHL service within Europe is top notch but due to the fact that DHL USA is nothing else just old Airborne Express you can't expect that quality of service here. The only option is to go with UPS or FedEx but cost will increase almost 100%.

One more thing...a lot of eBay members don't use Paypal or enything else besides bank wire transfer (it's most popular way of paying for auctions over there)
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