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Treo 650 / Audi Bluetooth issue/question

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Ok, for the last couple of weeks I thought that the Audi phone interface I got would be broken because I couldn't get my Treo 650 connected to it. The interface was seen by the RNS-E and BT was enabled but that's it, no connection, no phonebook, nothing.

Today I had the chance to try my Treo 650 in a B7 A4 with the BT phone interface factory installed. When I turned the radio on and enabled BT on the Treo 650, there was a gong like "There you are!" but nothing else. The Treo 650 couldn't see the Audi interface.

Since I'm not the only one trying to use a Treo 650 with the Audi BT interface and since some got it working without any issue, my question is now what's wrong with my Treo 650.

Here are some details:

Cingular Treo 650
Firmware: 01.31
Software: Treo650-1.15-CNB
Hardware: A

Bluetooth is working fine with my Treo BT headset, therefore I don't think it's a general BT issue on my Treo.

Those who have their Treo 650 connected, what is your Treo Provider/Firmware/Software?

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My BT module is in the mail, but I did get my Treo 650 to work on an '06 A6. I have a verizon 650 looks like software is 1.01, but that may be verizon specific.

Not sure that this helps you. I'll let you know more next weekend. Should have it installed then.

-- Craig
I just found out that there is a Cingular 1.17 update which is supposed to improve compatibility with car kits. The newest Palm software update is 1.20 but from what I read that's not going to work with a locked Treo. I will try the update later and see if this makes a difference...
From what I heard not every brand use the same Bluetooth protocol. It could be some incompatibility problem and hopefully fixable by firmware / software upgrade.

I suspect that Treo 700 will work without any problems.
Making slow progress :)

After updating the Treo Firmware to 1.17 (Cingular), coding my cluster to phone and removing Telematics, my Treo saw the phone interface for the first time. Now I know at least that both talk to each other and that the interface is not broken.

Now I have to find the right tools to get the seat removed...
I'm glad to see someone else is embarking on the under-the-seat install. Assuming my shipment gets here today or tomorrow, I will be doing the same. Let me know any details, and I will do the same.
Any update on your treo650 compatibility. Mine (Verizon) connects, but missed calls, recent calls, etc. does not work.

Right now I just use the phone to dial, but I'd like to have at least recent calls to dial from.

It's going to be a pain in the butt if I have to manually add all mine contacts.
I have test fit it now a couple of times. The Treo (Cingular firmware 1.17) connects, although 1 out of 5 times I have to pair it again, and after a few seconds the recent calls, calls made and received and the numbers from the Treo's quick dial show up on the RNS-E. It even seems that the cluster is fine with being coded for OnStar and BT at the same time (I have it currently coded to 31 in channel 62).

I'm not happy yet with the voice quality though. I haven't used it to actually make a real call (no microphone attached yet), just called my mailbox. But the voice quality is pretty poor and entering the mailbox pin is a pain. I don't think it's my harness since it sounds more like a cheap BT headset. We will see once I figured out how to get to the electronics box under the passenger seat.
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I have a Treo 650 I use and people complain about the voice quality using the Bluetooth Car kit.

Other phones they can hardly tell I am in the car.
Stoodo --

What phone company do you have and what is the firmware of your treo? Do you get the recent calls list? The sound quality on mine doesn't seem to be that bad. I have Verizon with 1.01 firmware. They have new firmware, but I don't want to update in case I lose data.
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