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travel times with EU RNS-E

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I have an EU RNS-E with SW ver. 0100 and 2004 maps
I set a route and started a short trip today. As I was driving, I noticed the arrival time was only 11 minutes with 19.4 miles to go. The funny thing is that traffic never got above 60 mph on the highway and about 2 miles of this was all in town where you would be lucky to achieve 30 mph average with the lights and traffic. The unit did update the arrival time, but only after I was almost there (sitting in traffic and at lights again).

Can anyone tell me how the unit figures the arrival time when you set a route? Does it have a set speed used for each road type and then just updates the time as it goes?
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Based on a couple of years experience - originally with the RNS-D and now the RNS-E - it seems to use the same short term average speed information that the DIS uses to update it's fuel left and average speed. So I guess it's getting it from the CAN bus - maybe from the engine ECU?

My average speed on my journey to work is less than 30mph (due to traffic) and the RNS-E seems to allow about 2 minutes per mile.

But on a long weekend journey my average speed rises to nearer 60mph, and the RNS-E only allows about 1 minute per mile.

I may be totally wrong - but that's how it looks. :wink:
It has also stored a speed index for all the streets on the map DVD. The euro unit with the US map has this little small street issue and I think the speed index is a little off as well. My Euro unit calculates the arival time better since I loaded the US software.
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