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Tpms antenna 2007 q7

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I used a code scanner to find that there was an issue with my tpms antenna. I checked and noticed the connector was broken so before doing anything else, I got a used one along with the 4 pin pigtail. I figured I would just need to solder the cable to where it broke off. when I went back under the car to remove the defective tpms antenna I was unable to find where the connector was connected to. The cable was just dangling in mind air. I searched to see if there was any cables close by that it could have broken off from, any openings or housing where the cable could go and I was not able to figure it out. Is anyone able to tell me what that connector cable goes to? I tried to find pictures but I’m only able to see the tpms antenna itself and not where that connector is going. I need help! 😭
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