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Total Newbe question

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I just joined the site today and have been reading a ton of posts and have found them to be really informative. I do have one question though. I know there is a real price difference between the US and EU units and that a lot of people are getting the EU units and putting the US firmware on them so what's the difference between a US unit and a EU unit with the US Firmware?


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Until a few days ago the US units were much more expensive because there were fewer units available for sale. The US unit was easier to retrofit because you wouldn't need to patch the US DVD to get it working and would have full support for SAT radio.

Since we confirmed that it is possible to load the US software onto certain Euro units, the functionial difference between units for the US and for Europe is gone. Euro units with the US software seem to work just as fine as the US units, although there are still some final questions to be answered (e.g. if the next US DVD will allow the update of both the US and flashed Euro units).

If you are looking for a Euro unit, just make sure it's either already flashed or running software 0140 or older. Newer Euro units with software 0330 or 0360 cannot be flashed with the US software (yet). If this issue remains, real US units or flashed Euro units will go up again if demand is there but supply with such units isn't (just my guess though).
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That's great info.... Thanks!!!!
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