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To my surprise... XM works without updating anything....

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ok i discovered today that my XM works without buying that unit everyone is talking about.

This is what I discovered. For $hits and Grins I decided to click on Band and switch over to XM to see what would happen. To my surprise XM is playing the comedy channel. The last channel I was listening to on the old radio when i switched over to RNS-E unit. So I try to see if I can switch channels and I get the initializing screen.

I then get a message saying that this unit or car (forgot the verbage) has the capabilities of XM and to contact Audi. So when I pressed the action button I briefly see the channels then it dissapears and goes back to initializing.

ok, so I saw a thread about this regarding that XM works without buying that adaptor or new XM unit. What was done. I tried to search for the XM serial number but when I do that on the setup it doesnt list it.

Does this mean, for some mysterious reasons XM works but in only one channel and i cant change it. Or do you have to do something in VAG for it to work.

Mind you I havent VAG'd the car yet as I'm waiting for my VAG tool tomorrow. So right now my NAV doesnt show on the cluster.

your input or a link to that other thread about XM is greatly appriciated.

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You cannot control a first generation SAT receiver with the RNS-E but you will be able to listen to the last selected station. You won't be able to change the station until you upgrade the receiver.

noob question here. where could i find the OE reciever?

the question now is... did i really like XM or should I save the money and spend it on other mods :? like the module that allows me to play dvds on the screen.
US Audi parts dept. have the updated SAT receivers. Plenty of part numbers floating around here.
sorry, i should have been more clear in my previous statement.

i'm assuming i'm going to need to replace the reciever i have now on the car. Where can i find this reciever to replace it with the new one.
It's located in the trunk..under the left panel. You will need to remove whole side panel to get to it but it's not complicated...just annoing :twisted:

When you will get to it just unplug the old Tuner and get new XM for RNS-E
Audi part # 8E0 035 593 E. Month or two ago dealer sent me info that I can buy new unit for $350. They had some kind of promotion from AOA. Not sure if they still do but doesn't hurt to ask.
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