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It would be really nice if there would be something like TMC in the US. Since Aisin/Navteq and Blaupunkt/Teleatlas already support TMC in Europe, it would be the next logical step to do the same in the US.

However, I see two reasons why we won't see TMC soon. One would be that Audi never officially released the RNS-D in the US. Although TeleAtlas is the provider for maps and the data might be available in the future, the US TMC is based on a subscription based service which is different from the licensed service available in Europe for quite a while. The difference is a new technology which will most likely require a software update and I doubt that Audi will develop the required software update for the US.

For the RNS-E, Navteq (who have recently teamed with XM to deliver its XM NavTraffic service) is the provider for the maps. Let's hope that they will support both, TMC and NavTraffic, if the demand is there. And hopefully Audi is not again 5 years behind and will offer some kind of traffic assistance in the near future.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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