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TMC confusion

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when i received my tmc unit it has 2x can/high & 2x can/low wires i connected 2 of them to 26 pin connector on nav+ rns-e unit pins 13 & 26,now where do other 2 can wires go,would i be correct in assuming they connect to can wires in the instrument cluster or am i way off track?
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The RNS-E does not need a TMC tuner, it has a TMC tuner build-in and supports the Audi CAN itself. The TMC tuner is only required for the older CD-based RNS/BNS systems. If you have already a TMC tuner you can remove the TMC and bridge the wires to get the proper CAN signal to the RNS-E.
now i am confused you say the rns-e has built in tmc, how do i tell if i have the older version my part No is 8E0 035 192B i was sure it was rns-e and read your post telling the guy with the A6 how to check if his can was connected,my unit illuminates when lights are on & when i turn the ignition off the unit does continue to play for about 30 mins,
vanduara37 said:
how do i tell if i have the older version my part No is 8E0 035 192B i was sure it was rns-e
RNS-E has a DVD drive behind the LCD screen and 1 large knob to the right of the screen - and a built-in TMC tuner.

RNS-D has a CD drive above the (smaller) LCD screen and 1 knob to the left of the screen and 1 to the right - and needs a separate TMC tuner.
Thanks for the clarification at least i now know whats what,as i said earlier everything works as it should i.e guidance spot on glovebox cd changer & radio work with steering wheel controls and show up in cluster but still no nav route in cluster although code with vagcom and shows in measure blocks that radio&navigation are coded,could this be cos i haven,t connected 2 of the CAN wires from the tmc unit to the back of the instrument cluster,also i don,t think the GALA is working properly cos there is no increase in volume no matter what speed i you think this is definitely a CAN issue.

p.s. ican live without nav display in cluster but you know how some things just bug you and you need to sort it.
Really, you should look at because that's how your nav+ should get installed. Once you read there and here in the CD Navigation Plus section and still not found the right answer, you may also check out the Yahoo forum at But do your homework first and read what posted at
I have read that particular install page for B6 but the problem arises with the tmc intructions of the 6 wires tobe connected 5 are ok but it states connect CAN/H to pin 7 of 20 pin connector but pin 7 in my 20 pin connector is blank ?
I've got exactly the same problem in my 2001 A6. Pins 7 and 12 of connector 1 are empty! Did you find a fix?
If the positions are empty than your car doesn't have CAN or is not using CAN for the currently installed head unit. If you have a digital clock in your cluster chances are good that the cluster can be enabled to support CAn based devices. The easiest way to find that out is to try to recode #17 channel 62 to 5. if that's not possible then the cluster can only talk over the 3 wire bus (Data/Clock/Enable).
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