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TMC/CAN won't come online

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I have no steering wheel controls and no nav/radio displays in the cluster. The hidden menu says "no connection" for 'dash' and 'gateway' and 'm function wheel' . I checked the continuity between TMC/CAN pins 8&9 with 20 pin connector pins 13&26. I also checked pins 6&12 of the TMC/CAN connector to make sure I have power and ground. The CAN H and CAN L wires are soldered into the cluster connector. And I sent the TMC/CAN to be tested so it is a known good device.

Does anyone have a clue as to what to do to get this working?
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Give us some more details please.

1) What is the model/year of your Audi etc?
2) What is the model# of the TMC/CAN gateway that you have?
3) Have you used a VAG-COM to recode the instrument cluster to recognize the TMC/CAN gateway?
4) Have you read the quick links [to common questions] in this forum? I bet that 99% of your questions could be answered if you did a little reading.

5) As for the steering wheel controls, I guess it depends on the year of your Audi. If 2001 or older...then they might not work. If 2002+...then the s.wheel controls would've been networked into the CANbus. You can also use the VAG to have the steering be recognized.

Let us we can better help you out.

For future posts, please include as many details as you can.

Good luck...and happy reading!!
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No cluster or wheel

Sorry, I forgot a few details...I have a 2000 A8L. The TMC model # is the propoer one , and everything is coded properly as per several conversations with Sky.
what is the model# of the TMC/CAN?

How did you tap into the CANbus? I assume instrument cluster? Did you talk to Paul Waterloo on this topic?

Have you double-checked the wiring? Maybe CAN H and L were switched. Trace the wires again and see if you find anything new.

Can wires are the 32 pin green connector, pins 21 and 22 of the cluster.

21 LO
22 HI
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