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just posting some interesting threads from the yahoo forum. Hopefully, more folks will post here; which will help others research this kind of upgrade.


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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 11:14:00 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [AudiNav] Dumb question on TMC/CANbus gateway tuners

this might help:

Part numbers for the TMC/CAN gateway:

There are three different versions that will work with your A6/S6/RS6/allroad (per Because those of us in the United States are only using the TMC/CAN for its CAN translation capabilities, it has been proven that any version below will work.

Audi Part#
TMC/CAN Fitment

4B1 919 894
CAN for all A6/S6/RS6/allroad; TMC for MY2000 – 01

4B1 919 894A
CAN for all A6/S6/RS6/allroad; TMC for MY2001 for vehicles in Spanish / French market

4B1 919 894B
CAN for all A6/S6/RS6/allroad; TMC for MY2001 – 04

Please note:
It has been proven that any 4B1 version will work in a US-based Nav+ installation. The 4B1 version has the CAN translation firmware in it. Per Dan Gold, there is a TMC Tuner only version (part# starts with 4B0) and a TMC/CAN gateway version (part# starts with 4B1). You will notice on some of the 4B0's there is a large blue connector as well. The 4BO version is only for TMC functionality. DO NOT PURCHASE the 4B0-XXX-XXX version as it will NOT translate the navigation/CD/radio information to your DIS; the 4B0 model is just a TMC tuner.

Good luck!


Aman Sheikh <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi all

I am about to order a TMC tuner part number 4B1 919
and cables from e-bay and am told it is a combined
TMC/CANbus tuner. Link is:

My NAV+ is audi part number 4B0 035 192K.

My question: is this the right tuner to get directions
in the driver info display panel in the instrument
cluster and also to get auto re-routing (I am in the
UK and will need a TMC enabled disk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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