The sky is the only limit to all things creative, and automotive customization is no exception especially if you own a factory-made vehicle produced by one of the most popular automotive brands in the world. Without a doubt, Audi is one of them, so the right body kit is what can make your Audi stand out from the crowd of ordinary-looking vehicles. A well-chosen body kit may highlight the sporty nature of your vehicle while, on the other side of the coin, a wrong one may cause your vehicle to look like a piece of cheap plastic. The latter is what we’d like to help you avoid, which is why we’ve prepared this short guide to help you choose the right body kits for Audi.

Which body kit is the best for me?
Before studying the market for Audio body kits, you should answer yourself whether you want a body kit just for a better look or performance, or need the best of both worlds. If your goal is just making your vehicle look different from the stock you may go with cost-effective options, which are usually made of either inexpensive fiberglass or mid-priced polyurethane. In case an increase in performance is also important, you should pay attention to the most lightweight, yet most expensive body kits made of carbon fiber. No less essential is the aerodynamics of a kit. A good performance body kit must not only be lightweight but also reduce the impact of oncoming air to enhance the overall aerodynamics of a vehicle. As a general rule, such body kits are model-specific to match the body lines of a vehicle, which is crucial for performance.

Do I require a full body kit?
A full body kit is a preferable option if you want to give your Audi a finished custom look. However, if you are on a budget you may divide your project into smaller ones and start with installing one or two elements, for example, front and rear bumpers. Just keep in mind and follow a couple of simple rules:
  • all body parts must be made of the same material;
  • all body parts should be produced by the same manufacturer.
It is also a good idea to check if the rest of the body kit is also available for sale before purchasing and installing its parts. Some manufacturers do not offer separate body parts, so you need to be sure you’ll not have to purchase a full body kit to complete your custom project. Last but not least, make sure you have all the necessary mounting hardware, tools, and equipment to have the job done. If you’re new to body part installation, you should also leave this job to a professional to avoid unwanted headaches and expenses. As for quality body parts, all of them can be found at at competitive and affordable prices.