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Those who have done installs, please read. Need your help.

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Hey guys. My dealership is trying to compensate me for all of the trouble I've had with my car. The service manager is very cool and understands that my car has been de-valued because of a lengthy service history and he wants to try to make it right for me. He's willing to get a DVD nav system for me but he was told by some know-it-all that it won't work in the B6. Could you folks who've done an install help to provide some proof that it can be done? I know that I could just direct them here and they could browse and search, but I'd rather make it more pointed and direct and then include this site as a reference. Doesn't matter what car you've done it in, but my car is a B6 S4.

If you've done an install, could you please send me an email or a msg. with 2 pics, one of your car (exterior) and one of the system installed? If you can be contacted for further information, please state that too. It's not necessary, but it would help. Send messages here or an email to [email protected].

Thank you very much in advance. I do appreciate it.
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i am out of town right now with out my '02 A4 (B6), but i could get some pics of my RNS-E (DVD Nav+) install when i get back..

another approach::
-- the hardest part of the install is to find a US unit for a good price..
-- everything else is quite easy -- basically plug-n-play..
-- if you could get them to just get you the unit for a good price you could easily install it yourself in 30mins..

i will try to help you when i return.. or if you are in so. cali. i can take my B6 to your dealer..

good luck..
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