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They Key FOB Question and Dilemma

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I have read the myriad of posts on this site about key fobs, but none of them have yet answered my question. I recently purchased a used 2008 TT Roadster and it only came with one Fob and I would like to purchase at least 1 (maybe 2) more. The stealership has quoted $472.52 JUST for the FOB itself and then another $205 for programming, so almost $700 for a &@!%#[email protected]*& key (this type of blatant usury is why I despise dealerships - but I digress...). They also told me that if I did purchase an aftermarket Fob that they would program it for the $205, but that it may not work (I would still pay the $205 for 15 minutes of their time though).

1. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to purchase an aftermarket fob (not eBay) that will have the immobiler chip compatitable with this car that can be programmed by the dealer?

2. What do I need to be aware of when purchasing an aftermarket Fob? The blade can be cut by a local locksmith I think, it's the programming that's the extortion part, and I need to be confident that whatever I purchase can be programmed so that I don't waste $205 'trying'.

Thank you all in advance for your help and information!
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