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I just figured out why my RNS-E wouldn't read the US DVD when using the US 0110 software after using a sofidx of 0450 or higher.

Channel 16 is 1 with the Euro software but 0 with the US software. While playing with various undocumented channels I set channel 16 to 1 while running the US software. Now the 0020 and 0040 US software don't care but the 0110 software doesn't accept the map anymore if channel 16 is set to 1. Since channel 16 is secured in sw 0110 there is no way to check unless to go back and install sw 0040, check it, change it and update again to 0110.

Therefore, I take everything back and even the newest Euro units do probably work fine with the newest US software. I still don't know what channel 16 does exactly but the are only 65534 possible values to check. And I know now that it can't be 1. :oops:
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