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The RNS-E B5/C5 Clock Problem Thread

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Ok, so as those of you with B5/C5's already know, there is some issue between the RNS-E unit and the clock in our cluster. Because of whatever the problem is, the clock is usually not correct. Now that the new US software displays the clock on the screen (as well as solves many of our old problems), this seems like a good time to figure out why this is as well as if and how it can be fixed.

Here are 3 observations I've made while looking into this:

1) The clock is always slow; it is never faster than the set time.

2) The clock is always off by multiples of 6, and usually by exactly 6 (6 minutes, hours, or days too slow; also sometimes 12 or 18, but never anything else).

3) In the engineering mode screen it shows the instrument cluster and RNS-E times and dates; the cluster is displayed with the correct time, the RNS-E is not (i.e., the correct time is apparently being transmitted to the RNS-E since it is shown correctly.. it just isn't displayed correctly).

If you have any ideas, any more info, or have anything else to add, please post it here.

With all of the other things we have solved by putting our heads together, I'm sure we can figure this one out, too. :D
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Sounds like we need a little module from Dietz that filters out the clock signals from the can bus, like the 1280 filters out GALA/speed pulse.

Any of these solutions would be acceptable to people with clock issues.

1. Filter out time signal completely - allow the RNS-E to use satelites.
2. Convert time signal to infotainment canbus compliant with RNS-E.

Maybe we should ask Dietz to provide a solution.

Who would be willing to pay for such a solution? the 1280 costs around 189 euros, such a filter should not cost any more as they have the hardware ready, it's just a case of reprogramming the PIC to filter out a different signal.

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NSX JR said:
Yep, exactly as I suggested earlier. I vote for option 1... filter out the clock signal completely. That way, your RNS will always have the correct time from the GPS sats. I would be wililng to pay, probably in the lower $100's though. Not sure if an accurate ETA is that important to me right now.
Sorry, didnt see that....
todd1010 said:
Can we get someone who know what they are talking about and contact them! I don't know their turn around time but they could probably whip something up pretty quick by the sound of it.

Who would like to nominate themselve for "chief project manager?"
Ive already contacted Dietz, but so far no reply.

Having just fitted my first B5 (Rs4) RNS-E, I have the clock isues.

HW54, SW 450 EU model A6 RNS-E.

User is also telling me that the date is out? Anyone else noticed that?

NSX JR said:
Yes, but I meant... where is the date used or displayed besides in that setup screen... so what does it affect operationally if it is not correct?
It's the guy that I installed it for that is complaining about the date. I just thought I would add it to the pot if there is going to be a fix.
Count me in for one or even more, as an installer I would regularly use this product
bjarne said:
fritzner said:
on a different note, i would love if my unit would stay on until i remove the key, but since i have a B6 and a 1280, it wouldnt make much sence to add your little box would it??.. the cost would likely be the same eventhough i only need one feature..
You are right, it would not be any cheaper even if you only use one feature, sorry :cry:

On the other hand, I am planning on adding the speed blocking later, so at that time you could replace the 1280 with this box :D

Don't the B5's use gala for speed? I like the idea of speed blocking, would the box be dual function? set one jumper for 1280 mode, remove for clock fix mode?
Ok sounds cool, I already want 2 units from you when completed.
I think I bought his last one last week :)
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