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The RNS-E B5/C5 Clock Problem Thread

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Ok, so as those of you with B5/C5's already know, there is some issue between the RNS-E unit and the clock in our cluster. Because of whatever the problem is, the clock is usually not correct. Now that the new US software displays the clock on the screen (as well as solves many of our old problems), this seems like a good time to figure out why this is as well as if and how it can be fixed.

Here are 3 observations I've made while looking into this:

1) The clock is always slow; it is never faster than the set time.

2) The clock is always off by multiples of 6, and usually by exactly 6 (6 minutes, hours, or days too slow; also sometimes 12 or 18, but never anything else).

3) In the engineering mode screen it shows the instrument cluster and RNS-E times and dates; the cluster is displayed with the correct time, the RNS-E is not (i.e., the correct time is apparently being transmitted to the RNS-E since it is shown correctly.. it just isn't displayed correctly).

If you have any ideas, any more info, or have anything else to add, please post it here.

With all of the other things we have solved by putting our heads together, I'm sure we can figure this one out, too. :D
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I just noticed in a friends Allroad, I think he has a 2005, the nav clock was in perfect sync with the dash. If this is old news please dis-regard, if not I guess it shows that maybe there is a potential solution out there.

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b5retrofit said:
Roberto, from the IM you sent me, you obviously just don't have any CAN signals at all going to your RNS-E. If the unit doesn't power on/off with the car and the lights don't illuminate with the dash (like you IM'ed me), then that is 100% certainly the problem. Not all S4's have the CAN wires at the Symphony unit, 2001.5 and 2002 models must splice into the CAN signals somewhere else (usually the gauge cluster). That is what it is, hands down.
Agreed based on my experience too.

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