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The New Guy….

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… I’m the new guy, so being the new guy. I’ll jump right in. I’m also fairly new to this Audi way of thinking. Makes me scratch my head sometimes. Three years ago, I bought a 2001 TT Coupe Quattro 1.8/180/AWP. Since the beginning, it’s been a very rude relationship. The last being the dreaded timing belt breakage. Took me 5 months to get her running. During this, I had to rebuild the cylinder head. In doing so, I’ve gotten a good idea now of the mechanical aspect. Yes, there is a question in this rambling. I want to upgrade my turbo. Which is, 06A145713FX ( AKA ) K03-052.
It’s not broken. I’m just a race car driver who knows what speed and mechanics truly are. I have a stage lll chip in her. I’ve picked up a rather large lag. I’m eventually going to have her remapped in a Stage ll flash. I know that I need a K04-001 with the 3 bolt manifold side. 4 bolt 3” down pipe side. Question is, they make several K04-001. Plain Jane K04-001, upgraded K04-001, K04-001 E05. I’m sure probably all of you Audi TT experts can tell me which one of the 3 will be best suited for my Hot Rod.
Thank you.. I’d appreciate any knowledge. Mr. New Guy
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