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... and I've now got the full BT set up working, complete with cradle - much improved signal strength over the 'half' system - 5/5 everwhere so far, where without cradle I was getting 2/5 in places - and I'm told I 'sound better'. It is absolutely brilliant. You want one!!

So, where to start?

Ted for his brilliant photo essay that convinced me in the first place that even I could manage to install an RNS-E - and if you understood the stress I was under at the time I made that decision, you would know that is one heck of an achievement. You should see his work writ large on a very high quality laser printer . Mmmm!.

Haaggie for supplying the Nav unit and glovebox CD - I made up a 13 pin Din adapter, used the cable Audi had provided (yes, still there in an early 2003 allroad). I carved some bits of 'T' bar aluminium and mounted the CD player in the trunk - with the latches working. I also have to thank Haaggie for sourcing the replacement RNS-E screen after I decided the original would be better if I polished it with a Dremel - do n't do this, folks. Bad idea! Haaggie also sourced the rather difficult to find connector adapter I needed to connect my phone to the Audi OEM 'Bee Sting' antenna - the only bit I purchased from the local dealers.

Bjarne was kind enough to explain not only what his wonderful CAN Gate does, but what it could not do - he's since gone and added MFSW capability to it - a very clever person, I think.

Then there is Lee, who generously made available some very hard won information about which MFSW controller to use and fed me all sorts of useful bits of information - and put me in touch with Vagparts. He also scarificed a major junk (Edit: Ooops! That should say 'chunk'!!!) of his server to host my "Russian Novel' about my research into MFSW installation.

Sebastian's documentation of the coding values on OpenOBD was, shall we say, invaluable!

I also had help from Ure at Ross Tech relating to coding ABS/ESP controllers.

Craig and Proxus both deserve a well earned mention here - I have sat down with a stiff drink (taking Proxus' advice! - well, several stiff drinks!) and read all of the amazing history of making it possible to retrofit BT - Craig developed his own test bed to help sort the CAN Bus v "K" line coding, and must have been instrumental in Ross Tech producing a version of VAG Com that allowed me to code the interfaces. (and what's wrong with keeping a spare A4 on the drive to code BT interfaces, may I know?)

PROXUS of course is the person who took all this and condensed it down to something I was again able to follow. For someone who is a dab hand with a Dremel, this too is quite a feat!

The Kufatect full BT kit was excellent - it all worked well.

There is a very kind lady called Hildergard who was kind enough to translate the German for me - particularly useful in relation to double checking the soft coding.

And finally, but as we say, by no means least, Martin Franklin at Vagparts UK who not only sourced a myriad of new components at very reasonable prices, but who went many miles out of his way to identify the part numbers and provide much needed (and greatly appreciated) extra help.

Thank you all.

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