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Telematics is inop. What should I check?

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Seems everything is set, however, I have now lost the use of the telematics system. Pressing the phone button, I can hear, but apparently the system can not here me.

I suspect the STG 17 coding, which seems to have acceptable numbers across the board.

Stock was 15, then I used 31 and now 19, based on:

+01 Radio
+02 Telefon
+04 Nav
+08 Telematics
+16 Instrument Cluster (According to my VAG)

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19 should be fine but more important, did you get an adapter with phone support? The US Telematics / OnStar is nothing else but a phone kit connected to the RNS-E. My OnStar kept working and it mutes the RNS-E like a 3rd party phone kit. But you have to get a RNS-E adapter with support for a phone.
Thanks once again.

All set. Everything works, Onstar had an issue when I set up the account, so it was never up at all, until now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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