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tel - and + and tel mute problem

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Would i need to code with the VAG for my tel - and tel + and tel mute to work as when i connect these wires to my RNS E and use my mobile it does not mute the RNS E or any sound come through the speakers. as per my previous post i have not coded the car using VAG yet and wondered if this would stop the tel wires from working as well as my CD Changer
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I had problems when running 2004 disks, when I upgraded 2 systems to 2005 SW the telephone mute worked great.

thanks for responding i am using the 2005 disk but its not working at all
OK, if its a third party kit, you must turn the telephone off in VAG com, I had that problem with mine, I have been using a BT kit on the RNS-E for some months no problems, but I added a telemic Audi kit in as a test and coded my RNS-E for option 1 rather than 0 to say it had the Audi part, my BT kit stopped muting until I set it back to 0, no phone attached.

Do you have access to VAG to check it and set it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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