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just posting some text from my tech article. Hopefully, this info will be of use to those who are interested in doing the Nav+ updgrade.
(feel free to add any comments in a reply post. Thanks!)

Install Assumptions:
• 2002 – 2004 A6/S6/RS6/allroad (sedan or Avant)

• Installing a D-Navi Navigation Plus with generation “D†electronics: Audi part#: 4B0-035-192 (Revision K through M)

• Optional Installation of TMC/CAN Gateway to communicate with the center instrument cluster and/or multi-function (MFW) steering wheel radio controls

Some other considerations for 2002+ owners:
• OEM Satellite Radio: Nav+ won't work with the OEM XM / Sirius modules found in 2003/2004 model years. Partially because the Nav+ was only an option in Europe, and Europe never adopted Satellite radio technologies. Also, the Nav+ head unit does not have a button labeled “SAT†which would communicate with the OEM XM/Sirius tuner (in the trunk), via the CAN-bus to provide the necessary control. If you want to add Sirius/XM, you will need to add an aftermarket XM / Sirius device (XM Commander etc). See these websites for details on Sirius ( or XM ( radio devices. You will need to add an audio input device to your Nav+ to complete this installation; see section labeled Other OEM and non-OEM Input/Output devices to Nav+

• OnStar/Telematics: OnStar will work with your Nav+. The OnStar device uses a GPS antenna to pinpoint your location via the OnStar service. Audi makes a GPS “splitter†(part# N/A) for those using OnStar and the OEM navigation package. Most people who install a Nav+ just add the second GPS antenna in the dash area or rear parcel shelf rather than pulling apart their car to install an OEM splitter.

Is your car equipped with OnStar?
We’ve recently learned that a fellow Nav+ owner (Joshua @ [email protected]) was installing his unit in a 2004 allroad. His original code of 00117 included passive speakers and did not allow the audio from the OnStar system to play through the Nav+ head unit. After several attempts to troubleshoot his OnStar setup, we learned that Module 56 (Radio) needed to be coded for no passive speakers or 00017. Joshua’s configuration included OnStar, Bose and the trunk-mounted OEM CD changer. Thanks Joshua!!

• OEM Digital Cellular Phone: For these model years, Audi offered a removable factory cellular phone (typically a Motorola v60) that was mounted in the armrest. This phone was integrated into the CAN-bus to provide control of the phonebook on center display. I have not heard of anyone having any problems with this phone in conjunction with the Nav+. In theory, it should work without any issues as this same type of phone set up was used in Europe with the Nav+. FYI – Very few A6 owners purchased the phone option because of its high price.

• CD player: The Nav+ head unit does not have a CD player built-in, it only plays navigation CDs. You need to install an OEM CD changer if you want that capability controlled by the Nav+ head unit. For 2003/2004 owners, you will need to add the CD changer cable to the trunk area as your car was not prewired for it. Please read ahead for the section that covers OEM and non-OEM input devices.

• AM Reception: Depending on your region of the country, Nav+ AM reception might be an issue. See website below for more details.

• Factory Warranty: This is an OEM part, so it won't impact your existing factory warranty. If your car is still under factory warranty, the dealer probably won't replace it if it breaks/malfunctions. According to the legal language of the factory warranty: this was not part of the original equipment when the car was delivered to you.

See this site for more details:

For further information on the specific differences between the pre and post 2002 C5 A6 electronics:

Basically, the 2002-2004 C5 A6 operates most of its electronics on a CANbus system. For the sake of this installation, this means that the ignition power source, illumination information and GALA speed signal is built into the CANbus wiring and they are not separate individual wires. This means that you will need to add wire taps to some wires behind the instrument cluster. However, you will not need to add pins to the instrument cluster harness to tap into the CANbus; the CANbus wires will be behind your Symphony II head unit. This will slightly modify the installation procedure a bit. It won’t make it any more difficult than in a pre-2002 A6. See picture 2g.

For the sake of this installation, I divided my installation into two phases for the average “do-it-yourselferâ€. This installation was done in a 2003 A6 2.7T. I felt that the project was too time consuming to try and tackle all at once. By tackling this install in two phases, it kept me from having my entire dashboard apart for entire weekend. I would imagine that the average “do-it-yourselfer†could complete this installation in 10-12 hours (or two 5-6 hour chunks of time for each phase). Not including any potential troubleshooting or VAG-COM reconfiguration work.

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Some additional information for those going from a Sym II to a Nav+ (with regards to the AM/FM antenna connections) (Special thanks to David Hepworth and Lee Levitt for sharing this with the group):

Problem: Trying to connect diversity antenna's for AM/FM to Nav+/RNS-D when converting from a Symphony II head unit.

Answer: The Nav+ (RNS-D; CD-based) has antenna connections that are more consistent with a Symphony I than a Symphony II. Therefore, some of those who have gone from Sym II to Nav+ have reported similar issues (because one of the antenna leads is not connect to the Nav+).

For further reference, here is my pix of the back of the Nav+:

Here's the information on the diversity antenna connector: David Hepworth posted it in March (per Lee Levitt):

Finally solved the problem of connecting the Diversity Aerial up on my 2003 A4. The Cable you need is Part No 000 098 671 (£9.79+VAT) from Parts who were very helpful with this. I have posted a picture of the cable, it has dramatically improved my radio reception.
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