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Switched Power

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Ok, I'm at a loss. Can anyone simply tell me what wire(s) I need to move in order to have the on/off power keyed to the ignition? I'm quite electronically challenged so I had the local Audi dealer install the navi unit. I brought them the detailed install instructions from the nav-plus web site. 10 hrs of labor later, they installed the system.

I had the car in for svc today on another issue and asked them to simply switch the wire. I again brought w/ me the detailed install instructions. They wanted to charge me $150 to do this.

They suk; in case i wasn't clear - West Broad Audi in Richmond, Va has the WORST service dept in the nation!!

Ted was kind enough to forward me some info but it's too complex for my simple mind. Like I said, can someone please tell me in simple terms what wire(s) to move from where to where.

Thanks for any help here.
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here's another hint...under the dashboard. I thought we had an email exchange on this...did you not see this pic. :)

if you need illumination, most any grey/blue wire inside the wiring in the dash will be ok.

Feel free to share all of these pictures with the dealer.....if you bring it back to them.

Good luck!!
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Ted: I've printed some of your pics, I'll try to attempt this weekend. I was looking at pic 80/40 (or slide 37). What are the part #'s to get a cable/adapter to play a DVD on the nav screen? Obviously i need a dvd player but what cables do i need?
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