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Switched +12 Volt supply?

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Can someone Please help me find a switched +12v from the key. My car is A4/B6 01 Plate. (system non RNS-D)
Many thanks.
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I picked up 12v switched from the fuse box on drivers side RED/GREY ,i also have 51 b6 A4
Many thanks, I go fishing there tommorow with multi-meter....
see my pix below for where to find one near the fuse/relay panel. Look for the label "75x" (I believe) for a switched ignition source.

Good luck!
Great.. Many thanks , looks easy enough...
Can you help with my jamming tv tunner?
I found it much easier to pop the back off the fuse box and tap into the top left (towards the rear of car) red wire with black stripe.
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