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There are plenty or threads and no need to repeat the procedure.
There are only 3 numbers to be modified, including SOFIDX, the first V220 in LOADING.KWI and the second V220 in LOADING.KWI.

The main issue is when I made the transfer CD, it was read as only software update CD and thats it, no update at all. I was stuck in this step for 10 bloody days with over 20 wrongly burned CDs!
The reason why this happens is because the CD is NOT burned properly using the latest IMGBURN. I guess some of the latest IMGBURN has changed some default setting. Find a IMGBURN early version (announced around 2008 would be fine) and do it again, then it reads the upgrade CD.

The latest 0650 sw CANNOT be used for doing the us-eu transfer. I have the update files for EU 0100 you can send me a email for the five files at: [email protected]

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