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Hello guys, I have recently tried to fit an RNS-E to replace existing RNS-D to the 2000 S8, all the adapters were there, tried to source CAN from both old TMC plug as well as the pins in the instrument cluster but the satnav is not receiving the correct signal and does not work correctly.
Typical CAN misinformation as not remembering the pin code, no illumination with lights on etc. I gotta add, with CAN connected satnav will not let me in passed the pin code screen, pin code is correct, after I disconnect the CAN pin code works.

Also, not sure if related but maybe, I got these 2 error codes in the instrument cluster :
01336 Data Bus for Comfort System 80-00 - Single Wire Operation
01311 Data-Bus information No communication

Any valuable suggestions on how to get this working would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and happy new year to all the forum users!
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