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2014 A5 Premium Plus Cabriolet Quattro 2.0T
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Just bought my son a 2012 A5 and was wondering what the stock boost should be. No mods that I know of...
clarify a bit, why you ask - are you going to measure it? how? it might be a parameter that you can read out, with an OBD scanner plugged in, but I don't know another way. I do own a Subaru ('17 Forester XT) which does have a boost gauge, a same-size engine as my A5, and similar horsepower and torque, and it indicates that at steady full throttle boost is usually about +10 psi. So physics would indicate an Audi 2.0T engine must run about the same amount of peak boost at max power. My Subaru presents a puzzle though, in that the gauge display also shows a historical "peak boost" value, which usually shows +20 psi or so. The Subaru boost gauge is a selectable display, not one I usually have showing, and I've never seen a current boost value in the moment, anywhere near +20 psi, and I don't know the conditions in which it can happen.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts