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Hello everyone. Ever since I installed the RNS-E in my allroad way back when (2006?) I have been lightly visiting the forum. I'm trending back here now with some projects. Current items on tap...

Project 1
The 2001 allroad (with RNS-E and OEM BT module) is a TIP car. I have been parts collecting for 6 months preparing for 6MT transmission swap and stage 3 conversion all in one rather consuming project (my wife thinks I'm nuts). Some other changes as well during the project are planned... bosal trailor hitch, C5 sport seats/RS6 seats swap (whichever I find cheapest and in good-to-excellent condition), etc. My TIP MFSW has been fine and I use the BT all the time with the iPhone. Going to a manual transmission, I want to upfit the steering wheel with an S-line or RS flavor 3 spoke with MF buttons (no paddles). I have purchased a B7 RS4 steering wheel already (the basic air leather version with the non round airbag cover) but thinking I may go with a flat bottom version if I can find a deal. Any good threads you can link me to for assisting with the retrofit on a newer platform steering wheel to the 2001 allroad with MFSW?

Project 2
Similarly related... my RS6 is about to get a new RNS-E and BT module (from Zawa. Thank you sir). The RS6 is stock. I would like to add a newer generation steering wheel with the MF buttons and retain the paddles. Any thoughts on this as well?


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