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Start up volume adjustment?

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Is there a way to change the start up volume? No matter what volume I have it one when I shut off my car it always come on at the same somewhat loud volume. Is there anyway to change this? :?
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Anyone? I wonder if this has to do with me having bose but not having the bose pin connected in the back...???
On older radios there was an option to set a max power on volume. But I haven't seen this on the RNS-E so far (OK, I haven't really looked for it either). If you turn the unit off with the volume being at, let's say 10, it will still be at 10 when you come back. I don't think this has to do with the Bose pin which should only affect GALA/AudioPilot.
Hmm very odd. I can turn the volume down completely, and when I turn the car back on it will be at 10 again.
Let me check this when I get into the car tonight, maybe there is an option...
I didn't see anything, but please check :)
it may not apply to the DVD sys, but on the CD one, you cand set the volume at which the music plays everytime the car is turned on... so no matter what you had it set prior to shutting the car off, it will reset itself to whatever the default is when the system is turned back on again...
I guess the RNS-E does not have a max power on volume setting. I had a quick look at the setup option and all I have is Navi and TMC volume. the US unit may even only have Navi volume (no TMC there). I didn't wait long enough for the RNS-E to completely power off but I left the car with the volume turned all the way down.
Odd so you are saying that if you turn the volume down before turning off your car it will still be down when you start it up?? I wonder why mine is different? It is the EU version...
HMMMmmmm :shock:
Mine too but I guess I didn't wait long enough. I was waiting about 10 minutes and when I came back, I didn't see the startup screen (which basically means that it didn't turn off completely). I will check this over the next couple of days. I guess I have never noticed because I neither have it very loud nor completely off when I lock the car.
Anyone find a solution to this problem? I have it and its driving me nuts :cry:
I don't think it is possible to achieve this function with the RNS-E. The volume knob is not powered, so there is no way for the unit to adjust it to a preset volume at start up.

03 A6 4.2
Although I've not done it, I was told start up volume could be set by one of the rns-e vagcom paramaters. Anyone know which one it is?
There is no channel that would set the startup volume, at least has nobody reported finding that channel yet.
I was told start up volume could be set by one of the rns-e vagcom paramaters.
Many have searched for such a channel, but so far AFAIK nobody has found one. Who told you about it?
Usually the volume at start-up stayed the same as it was before engine turned off, but when I switch it on the other day, BT gets ON and the volume turns louder and louder. Strange behaviour.
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