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i got my 1417 & 1280 from Stefan at Navi-Center in Germany [[email protected]]..

he takes paypal and i received the shipment in about a week..

his price was the best i could find at the time
1417 = 249€
1280 = 179€

i am using the Blaupunkt ME3(a popular choice).. the built in TV tuner isnt great, but most of them arent.. a powered antenna similar to this one may help, but i havent tried it yet..

also please note that the aux-in on the ME3 can NOT be used for audio only..

for more details and other helpful links, check out..

the Pyle 122 is a cheap DVD player with a TV tuner, but not sure how good it is..

good luck..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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