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source selecting

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on the rnse how does it display the different sources? thinking if itd be easier to get a source selector and connect dvd player and ipod or just get the dietz 1417 and connect ipod via dvd aux input. any idea?
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You have CD/MP3/TV if you have the Dietz installed. In TV mode with the Dietz installed you have only one audio/video source, anything else would be selected on and controlled by the device you have connected to the Dietz. For example if you connect an iPod to the audio in of an external DVD player you would need to select the audio port on the DVD payer and not on the RNS-E. On the other hand, if you get an IceLink or similar you can select CD changer or TV on the RNS-E and switch between the two devices.
ok so i could have 1417 and connect dvd and rns will display tv, and ipod connect via icelink and it'll display mp3 on rns? awesome if so
Actually the Icelink is a CD changer emulator, therefore the RNS-E will display CD disk (playlist) and track (counter) information but not any MP3 details.
oo yea, what about video? would i be able to use ipod video through icelink?
No, only if you connect the iPod through the Dietz. But in this case you won't be able to control the iPod via RNS-E.
ooook, i gotcha. thanks for quick info!
With the Dietz DVB-T set including the Dietz IMU you can connect additonal 2 Videosources (incl. Audio) to RNS-E. You can switch the Source using the RNS-E (not with a external switch) so very handy.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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