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I think I've read through most if not all of the sd card related topics and could still use some help. I've followed the excellent sticky on adding songs to a card and so forth, but I do not like the way tracks are displayed. In my case you get the artist name and the track name. The problem is a track by Bob Marley and the Wailers, for instance, completely fills the screen with the artist name but not the track name. Same thing goes for any similarly long-named artist such as The Notorious B.I.G. or in the case of my Christmas music, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas album.

I'd like to get rid of the artist name in the song title. My question for you learned folks is how do I do that? Is there a specific version of idtag that would allow me to do this? Heck, I'd take an option that reverses the order (i.e. displaying the track name, followed the artist name) as that would at least display the track info first. Ideally though, I'd like to just display the track name since the Artist's name is generally a part of my playlist title and is already displayed above the track info. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Sounds like you are saving both the artist name & track name in the "track name" field of ID3 tag.

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I use playlists to get round this problem. Here's a sample one:

#EXTINF:171,Magical Mystery Tour
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\01 Magical Mystery Tour.mp3
#EXTINF:180,The Fool on the Hill
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\02 The Fool on the Hill.mp3
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\03 Flying.mp3
#EXTINF:236,Blue Jay Way
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\04 Blue Jay Way.mp3
#EXTINF:149,Your Mother Should Know
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\05 Your Mother Should Know.mp3
#EXTINF:276,I Am the Walrus
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\06 I Am the Walrus.mp3
#EXTINF:211,Hello Goodbye
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\07 Hello Goodbye.mp3
#EXTINF:250,Strawberry Fields Forever
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\08 Strawberry Fields Forever.mp3
#EXTINF:183,Penny Lane
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\09 Penny Lane.mp3
#EXTINF:183,Baby You're a Rich Man
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\10 Baby You're a Rich Man.mp3
#EXTINF:228,All You Need Is Love
\The Beatles\Magical Mystery Tour\11 All You Need Is Love.mp3

The text in the second field of the #EXTINF entry is what appears on the DIS (and on the RNS-E screen after the track has been played). It's quick and easy to edit this using e.g. Notepad.
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