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Some success with OEM BT kit

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Well as I said before I had bought a couple of mdules from ebay and then the mic and antenna from audi for the OEM BT installation. I'd tried t basically in my car and no joy, but the dam thing only works over can bus, so my VAG wont see it unless I have a can gateway for an A3/A4.

Anyway my mate has an A3 so I connected the module to it and programmed it sort of how I thought it would work. but still nothing.

So I built a test rig, A3 HU, s8 cluster and the module with mic and antenna connected. This is what I managed to get it to do.

Pair with my P910i (sort of intermittently)

The test rig

The module

What I got when paired

Making a call

Receiving a call
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I'm getting there, but my p910i is probably not the best test phone.
It doesn't show Bluetooth icon... are you connecting via bluetooth or cradle?
BT, I have no cradle.

This is an A3 part number:- 8P0 862 335 D

Cant seem to get my A4 unit to boot up with that A8 cluster attached.
Keeps coming back with PIN, every time.

I will try my A6 unit over the weekend.

Cool :eek:

The newer 8P0 862 335 C should show the BT symbol instead of SIM and the provider should appear on the top of the screen. But still very cool. Any idea what the interface goes for if not from ebay? I have an A4 RNS-E for testing and may want to get the interface and BT antenna to see if it works with my Treo 650. And I guess the wiring harness is selfmade, correct? Is it difficult to get the plugs and wiring diagram with all the connections?

The module cost me around £50 of ebay, I dont undertsand why the C is newer than the D

8P0 862 335 C
8P0 862 335 D (should be the latest one)

The loom, well I have been installing TV tuners and that is the 54 pin connector at the TV tuner end that was spare when I made 32 pin AMP to 10 pin mini din adaptors for my RNS-D to RNS-E upgrades. So I have about 5 of these 54 pin connectors spare for future projects.

The MIC and Antenna were from the dealers, another £80 for the 2 units, then I find out I already have a MIC from when I swapped my S8 phone prep for a Parrot. Doh!

So I need to play some more and check the 4Bo 035 192 P compatability, then were cooking.

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It is strange but 8P0 862 335 C is really newer than 8P0 862 335 D. The "C" is supposingly the only interface with full integration into the RNS-E (sw 0330 or newer).
OK, I Have both the D and C units now, they were suprisingly cheap from my dealer.

I will post the results later.

Where can I buy such a module as xxx 862 335 C?

Here in sweden the Audi people cant supply with such things....strange
Ok, have got this to work with A3, A4 and A6 RNS-E equipped cars, functionality depends on the phone being used, you need software 2005_2 (I think) to support the functions, my P910i and K700i work differently, but they both work.
Unfortunately yes, being in the UK, US units are no good to me.

I may try a nokia and Siemens phone tomorrow.

Correct me if i am wrong, parts that are needed to get the tel button on the RNS-E to work are:

8P0 862 335 C (BL unit)
Harness, loom
Some, vag-come usage.

If so this should bee a preaty easy and nice thing to get for a smal amount of money. Craigyb - You are saying that you paid about 130£ for al of this. But please give us some detail´s on where you got hold of your 8P0 862 335 C unit at that price. Looked at the Ebay but no luck!
It was from Ebay, I actually bought an 8P0 862 335 x ( unknown ) for 40 euros and an 8P0 862 335 D for about 50 euros, only the second one works, the first one seems to dead.

The C unit I bought from my dealer, it cost around £220

I'm still testing functionality between the units and the RNS-E and phones, if you want to jump in and do it yourself feel free.

Do you know what is involved in installing in a B7 S4?

I cannot tell if I need to order the loom or all this communicates over the CAM bus?

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Craigyb and compliments for your great work with the BT! :D
I found on this:

I think it's ok for my A3 8P but now what else I need ?

the interface 8P0 862 335 C or D ?
the mic and something else ?
Unfortunately I have installed my MMI aftermarket so I haven't the antenna on the roof and I think this will be a problem... :roll:

thank you

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Check out the BT project thread, I listed all the parts on there.

Phone Module (C)
BT antenna
Loom ( Kufatec)
And maybe a lighting dome to house the mic dependdant on your car.

Ok thank you Craigyb! :)
I have sent an e mail to about original BT for A3 8P and if anybody needs to know something else about it, here there is the complete mail... :wink:

Hi, I would like to know what I need to install original bluetooth on my
I have an Audi A3 3.2 quattro with navi RNS-E MMI, FIS. I have installed the
MMI aftermarket so I haven't the antenna on the roof. Can I install anyway
the bluetooth module ?

thank you

best regards

and this is the answer:

You can install the bluetooth freespeacking under the driver seat.
The antenna must on the roof. You drill a hole.
You need than this parts
8P0 862 335 D Interface
4E0 972 133 Bluetooth Antenne
8P0 035 619 Gehäuse Unterteil
8P0 035 613 Gehäuse Deckel
8P0 035 733 Schaum- Füllstück
8E0 035 456 B Kompensor für Dachantenne
8L1 862 373 A Mikrofon
2 x N 904 827 01 Mutter M5 für Gehäuse
8P1 962 401 C Halter für Handy Aufnahme
8P1 863 914 Grundplatte
8P1 858 174 Halter für Aufnahme
2 x N 104 882 01 M5 Torxschraube

And the wiring from us

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
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