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some NOOB questions...

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Hey guys,

I have tried searching and am at a loss for finding the answers I seek so forgive me if I missed them...

I have an 05 allroad with Bose/XM and am getting an RNS-E( euro) unit to install. The good guys over at Matrix Integrated here in PDX have decided to help on the install and are going to work with me until we get it right. They are an Audi specialty shop and 2 of the guys are thinking of doing the exact same thing in their Audi's so they are very interested in doing this.

Will I be able to get a 6 CD changer from AUDI, mount it in the trunk and use it with no problems?

Will my stock XM sat reciever work with this RNS-E unit too. I have read that some will and some won't. How do I find the part # on mine to see if it will?

any other issues I need to be aware of in this adventure??

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You need to READ retrofit basics ...they are on the first page on this forum.
Most answers are posted there.

You can connect CD changer but IMHO is pointless while you have 2 SD slots which gives you over 1200 songs, or you can connect any other MP3 / media player
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