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Solution for "flickering" RNS-E units in B5 S4's.

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Like quite a few other B5 owners, my RNS-E would sometimes flicker and reset while I was driving. This is common problem in B5's, even with the OEM Symphony unit. However, it was extra annoying with the RNS-E as it would reset to the disclaimer screen each time this happened.

I wish I could give you a more definitive answer as to what solved this for me, but its gone. Here are the 2 things I did which could have solved it:

- Installed a "C" revision Bluetooth module
- Recoded the unit with all of the original codes from a EU version one (I had posted an Excel spreadsheet on here with the settings, a search should bring it up).

My unit was a "P" model which I had converted to US software with the instructions on this site. I had thought that maybe recoding it back to its stock EU coding with the US software installed might have removed the disclaimer or enabled the phone features (this was before the new 0110 US software was released).

Like I said, I'm not sure which (or even if either) solved the flickering problem since I did both things at about the same time, however, it is gone.

Hope this can help you guys who still have these problems.

Now we just need to figure out the clock problem :wink:
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I have a B5 S4 and have noticed the flickering with the old Symphony I. But I've never had it flicker with the RNS-E.

Mine is also a EU unit with the updated US software. I've had the RNS-E for over 4 months now.
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