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I live in a bad area and my NAV would be stolen in one night. I cannot move into my house for another 7-8 months. So I have come up with an idea.


Remove old face plate off Symphony I
Remove old face plate off HVAC
Glue them together to OEM fit
*Drill two holes in the Symphony I to match RNS-E control knobs
Place thin foam on inside of custom paneling
Dremel/grind the plastic down to the thickness of the panel
Cut 1" lengths and Grind 4 hacksaw blades to fit in "Security Holes"
Silicone the 4 modified blades to the backing of the new "dummy panel"

*OR Someone could be genius and point me to a manufacturer that makes push knobs that come out and retract in.

Does it make sense?

OR Do I wait the 7 months until I get my house?
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