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So does anyone sell a plug and play BlueTooth kit yet?

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If so... please shoot me an email. I'm about to start sourcing all the parts myself, but a package deal would be so much easier. Even if someone on here just sells the components (not a kit), please contact me. Thanks.
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its easy to get parts in B5 just tap few wires going rnse

wiring harness from $125
need BT module, BT antenna and possibly mic if you dont have one about $500-550

i just put BT module and wiring harness on the drivers knee bolster plenty of room under there used some velcro to hold it down.

then just power and ground which are right there at knee bolster and if you do not have telephone plug on RNS-e adaptor hook up (k, tel +, tel-, mute) wires to RNSe.

no more plug and play then that.

Install about 30min-1 hour
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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