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So does anyone sell a plug and play BlueTooth kit yet?

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If so... please shoot me an email. I'm about to start sourcing all the parts myself, but a package deal would be so much easier. Even if someone on here just sells the components (not a kit), please contact me. Thanks.
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Sorry, guess I should have specified, I'm looking for the complete OEM kit (BlueTooth module, antenna, wiring harness, etc). Thanks.
Re: its easy to get parts in B5 just tap few wires going rnse

Thanks, but I'm actually just looking for a source of the parts (I got the parts list and install instructions from the ongoing BT install thread). I'm wondering if anyone is selling a "kit" with all of the parts, so that I can just ordered everything from one person, all at once.
Ok... maybe I am saying this the wrong way... I have all of the part numbers and the instructions from the site... however, at this point in time, to order the BT module, the antenna, the wiring harness, etc... I'd be ordering parts from at least 3 different sources. Not only that, but the "C" revision BT boxes on are really hit or miss (sometimes there are 10 for sale, other now... there are none).

Its really not that hard of a question. I can obviously just order all the seperate parts from different sources, and wait for a good "C" BT module to come up on but I was just wondering if someone on here was selling them as complete kits (like I see a lot of the RNS-E units selling for) which would make it more simple, and faster, to order...

Does that make more sense???
Actually, there was a "C" unit on a couple weeks ago. Sold for 225 Euro. I missed it by a couple hours. There was also one on about a month ago which I had bid on, but then the seller cancelled all the bids and sold it outside of EBay (damn! Regardless, I've seen atleast a half dozen "C" units on there in the last few months. Aren't the new units at the dealership close to $500? If so, seems like it would make sense to pick up a used one from EBay, or other online source.
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