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When I bought the 2019 RS 5, I noticed on the finance pages this sneaked in @1195 for "SMART CAR"
I asked and he said it sold as a standard with the car, and briefly explained it to me. I said I didn't want it.
He did his sales person thing....back to me I asked So, it has to be on there? ..YES
Now, looking at it; ZAZ looks like a GPS service, you can track your cars every move, good to have is stolen
- when they stole my hellcat the immdeiatly ripped out my GPS wires at Radio and antenna, and used Jammers)

I'm not seeing a need for this. I thought it was a must have for Audi. I have not set up or logged into to it.
The reviews are ONE Star.

Has anyone else had and experiance like this? Basically "cramming" on phone bills the bambooxle you with
so much stuff, so fast you don't think about it till late?
What did you do about it ?
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