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Sirius Wiring harness

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Does anyone know the part number for the wiring harness to connect the OEM sirius tuner to the RNS-E?
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Be aware that some of the Audi wiring is not available as a part. Since Audi SAT radio is factory wired as a part of whole electronic system it is very possible that harness like that doesn't exist. I could be wrong but I never saw that type of cable available as a OEM Audi part.

Originally tuner is mounted in the trunk inside media compartment and wiring is running behind the finish interior panels. I guess the easiest way will be to ask dealerhip to run those wires for you (this way you will avoid any problems) or stop by by any audio shop (with complete PIN description in hand).
Proxus is correct... You'd have to buy the entire wiring harness for the car to get everything you need. Just buy the connector housings, pins, and run new wires yourself. It's well documented which wires to connect where to get it working.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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