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Sirius and new US RNS-E system (part number ending in F)

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Quick question. I am looking at getting the nav for my 2005.5 b7 s4. The new US RNS-E version F seems to be available. I currently have the Symphony/Bose system (I guess Symphony II) and Sirius.

My question is, will Sirius work with the RNS-E or do I have to buy a seperate Sirius receiver and plug that into the adapter for the RNS-e unit. I am not sure if Sirius is built into the existing head unit or not. I am obviously hoping that no additional hardware is needed, but I am not sure.

If I do need something else to continue to have Sirius with the new nav system, how much does it cost.

Thanks in advance for your help.

BTW I do not have OnStar or the Tire Pressure Monitoring system.
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I will check out the receiver in the trunk to see what model I have. Thanks for the info!
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