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I have read in a few posts about people converting from single din to double din units to allow fitting of nav units,they all state that climate control panel has to be changed due to it dropping down the console which is true but i felt this was a expensive remedy as they are not cheap. So being a true miserable Scot with a junior hacksaw and smooth file i set about cutting the climate control unit and we are talking only about 5mm each side and with care & patience (took about half hour) got it to sit in very nicely.also what i think is if you are going to attempt this and you know somone who has a double din set up if they would allow you to take out there climate unit and you could mark it against your own unit and have the right size to cut.

Hope this helps somebody


I can send pics to anyone interested as i dont know how to post on forum.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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