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Single to double din mod ( with part# )

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These parts are for any A6 C5 , these parts update you to the facelift interior. All the parts are in black ( not shiny ).
one part needs some mild trimming to fit just right. ( the piece that surrounds everything in the center-dash )

hazard and cup- cover 4B0 863 321 D 3/98 5/01 B98
Ashtray 4B0 857 951 S B98
ashtray cover 4B0 857 967 H 6DP
Shifter-plate 4b0 864 261 CR
airco-module: 4B0 820 043AF B98
double din rack 4B0 858 005 K 01C

I hope that someone finds this useful.

good luck.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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