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Single to double din conversion in a 2002 A6

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hi all,

I own a A6 2002 , single din :(

I'm about to order some part to convert my single din to a double din setup. :twisted:

here are the partn# i collected so far.

double din rack =
4B0 858 005 K 01C ( audi said this is ok ? )
4B0 858 005 L ( vagparts )
what's the difference between these two ?

ashtray - cover = 16€
4B0 857 967 H 6DP

a/c module = 750€
4B0 820 043 C B98

Someone else will install the RSN-e for me ( including VAG-COM it, making the small screen indash working etc ... )
this person will deliver me :
-RNS-E ( + maps, manual, code )
-adaptor cable
-antenna adaptor

I will get the gala cable ready 4 him.

Do i have everything now ? Did I forget something
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ouch...that's a lot of Euros for a double-din conversion. Maybe if those prices were in Mexican Peso's....the rates would be "stomach-able".

Too bad you can't find any of those parts via a local salvage yard. Did you try I guess you really want an RNS-E that bad.

Good luck!
This is for the A4 but people reported that getting a cheap A/C controller from ebay or so and swapping just the electronics works fine and is about $400 cheaper.
A little over 4 years ago in an A4 that I had. I converted the single din concert head unit I had to the Double din Symphony. I got these items from a salvage yard in St. Louis and in Denver.

Double din mounting bracket w/nav
Climate control

I bought the Symphony I head unit for $100. Then I had to buy the big black trim surround that goes around the radio mounting bracket, climate control and finishes the sides for the dealer for about $130.

I think I spent a total $450 for the whole conversion. Yeah if you can I would look at some salvage yards for some of the stuff like the mounting bracket, ashtray, climate control and outer surround trim. I can't remember the place in Denver, but that's ALL they had was Audi cars for salvage parts. Which is heaven if you looking for cheaper parts.
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the prices I mentioned are from the dealer. ebay would be cheaper ( and harder to find too :) )

I tried 2 salvage yards already, but there was only 1 A6 they had ripped apart, no double din, no climate control ( was a ' 99 ).
Chances are very slim that there will be a 2002 that's rear-ended with double din :) ( and some Carbon Fibre too if possible :twisted: )

I will get the parts, the nav+ and cable stuff is no problem. but the conversion is. most of the guys with an C5 A6 that did the conversion were all '98 , '99, but nobody with an 2001-2001-2003 that did it before.

Therefore I don't need stuff like : new ashtray-slide thingie, cupholder-hazard-cover.

I will succeed :p ( even if it costs me an arm and a leg :( )
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