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Hello !

I have a Concert II Radio (single DIN) in my Audi A4 B6, and want to install the RNS-E.. what do I need ? just the Double DIN cage ? Can´t I trim my single DIN air conditioner to fit the double DIN cage ?


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RNS-E mod


I have a6 -99 with consert 1 din radio. I have bought now all the parts needed for to fit RNS-E in my car.

Here is list:

Double din middle consol including:
ashtrade for this unit (is smaller than in 1din)
Klima panel for double din

wooden panel for this astrade (from audi)
Cable adapter Consert --->RNS-E
My adapter came without bose connectors A & B, so i bought these from audi
RNS-E for A6
GPS antenna FAKRA
Diversity Radio antenna adapter
And a lot of work and sweat....
I bought these items from
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