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Another successful RNS-E install into a B6 A4, thanks to the many resources of this forum. Purchased a 192 J unit from Haaggie/Albert - can't say enough about his responsive feedback. He is exceptional, even when US Customs and FedEx conspired against our transaction for a while and things looked rough. Highly recommended. =D>

I basically followed the steps outlined by fritzner in his 4/22/05 post, using the painter's tape suggestion maked by NSXJR. A couple of observations and alternatives to the already excellent instructions/info out there from NSXJR, AUDIB6A4US, Troy, Paul, Avantéix, fritzner et al:

- A Torx 25 head on a magnetic ratcheted screwdriver is ideal for removing the instrument cluster. Twist the steering wheel to one side then the other for the easiest access to the recessed T25 screws holding the cluster in place. Works best if you approach with the screwdriver completely perpendicular to the screw, not the cluster. If you don't twist the wheel, this is difficult for an average size screwdriver with a long neck
- You don't absolutely need a skinny arm to push the cluster out from behind via the fuse box side panel. A regular size arm will work just fine.
- There's enough wiggle room to mount a magnetic GPS antenna head without unplugging the instrument cluster. Just need to pull out and twist the cluster a little. Easy to guide the GPS antenna connector to the radio compartment, extra coils of antenna cable sit nicely behind the instrument cluster.

In sum, here's what I did:

1. Removed fuse box cover
2. Popped off instrument cluster access panel
3. Unscrewed T25 screws x 2
4. Push out instrument cluster from behind via space above fuses.
5. Removed old Symphony II, unplugged all connectors
6. Mounted GPS antenna in described cubby hole on the center panel side
7. Fished antenna connector through to radio space.
8. Plugged in connectors to RNS-E: Haaggie's plug n play Bose wiring harness, GPS antenna, and radio antenna (after combining existing cable with new diversity/radio antenna adapter)
9. Pushed RNS-E into place
10. Pushed instrument cluster into place, screwed back in.

10 steps to navigation nirvana. Takes about 45 minutes, working slowly and carefully.

If you have a trusted seller like Haaggie or Steve who will give you the correct wiring harness and legit parts, this is a no brainer install in the B6 A4. Works like a charm. For those detail oriented folks out there, hopefully this is a useful supplement post.

Also, I can confirm that I also get the hissing noise after ignition turn off - I'm not sure whether it's from the speakers, from the DVD/CD spindle, or a little of both. As noted in previous posts, the hissing stops after ~2 min if you lock your car.

Before: 2003 B6 A4 Symphony II/Bose
After: RNS-E 192 J (US version, manufacture date 1/31/06) HW 072 SW 0110.

Now, off to find a VAG-COM for the DIS...


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I really do recommend the VAG-COM programming to get the DIS to work.

I've had the NAV+ for over 6+ months and just enabled the DIS yesterday...its great! I love how it has a side bar that decreases in size as you get closer to the street you have to turn at.
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