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Simplified BT wiring guide

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Hey everyone, i got another newbish questions..

I normally stay away from installs that involve wiring, though i did install my RNS-E myself, but that was simple plug and play..

I want to install teh BT tel module i have.. I took out the glove box to check how I wanna install the box, and PROXUS was kind enough to show me where the microphone goes(did everyone else take it outta the little plastic gray box it comes in from Audi??)

I looked at the wiring, but am really confused.. Which plug do i tap into?? I have a B6 2005 A4 with no Bose.. Also how come some of the wires from teh BT cable have metals ends on them?? I saw the posting showing which pins, but that really did not help me at all.. I cant even tell which plug to pull from and none of the listing on teh RNS-E sticker thats on the unit make any sence..

I am going to have my installer do it, but since he is my buddy i wanna make sure i have all the info, so we are not scratching our heads..

If someone could post a more detailed description of how to do the wiring I would be greatly appreciate it..

Again(and certainly not the last time)
You Guys are the best!
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Where did you get your harnes from? I guess there weren't any labels on those wires, can you post some pictures? That would help to point you in th eright direction.
I belive you got this kit from me because Kufatec doesn't have any pins in the end. Those pins are there if you want to combine end of this cable with your RNS-E harness. You can patch as well. All wires have tags (TEL+ / TEL- / MUTE / K-Line / CAN-H / CAN-L etc.) Just look at the top of your navigation for sticker and locate those signals wires in your RNS-E harness. The rest should be fairly easy ;)
Sorry, i should have specified. Yes i got the wiring harness from Proxus and it is awesome.. Everything is well made and labeled.. Its the wiring to the RNS-E i dont understand. None of the plugs are labeled for hte RNS-E, so i saw the sticker on the RNS-E and i think it said C communication is for the tel interface..And it lists 16 wires yet none of the plugs have 16 spots.. one has 12 and teh other has Thats where i am confused.. ANd none of the plugs are labeled A, B, or C..THough I found one that is labeld H lol which doesnt help..

Now for the RNS-E one plug is black, one is brown and the otehr is red. I got my wiring harness from BMZ1(THanks STeve)..

I can deffintly take some pictures in a bit if thats helps..

Thanks alot guys!
Check this picture and the labels (thanks to Avantéix for providing this):

Also check the top label on the RNS-E:


Let say you are looking for CAN high, the label on the RNS-E will tell you that it is Connector D, pin 9. So, Connector D in the RNS-E Quadlock is the black 8 section and there you are looking for the pin at the bottom, closer to the brown section (or empty space for Bose adapters). That's your CAN high wire.

On the other side CAN high ends in the 20 pin Connector I, middle section to the right (away from the CDC control wires). In most adapter the 20 pin connector is red but it doesn't have to be.

All you have to do is to find the wire which goes from Connector D pin 9 to Connector I pin ??. And then you repeat this for the remaining wires.
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Ahh ok..That is starting to make alot more sence..I thought the empty plug on the RNS-E was for a CD Changer...If the plug is empty how come there is no plug and play wire harness?

That deffintly clears things up a bit for me..

Thanks alot for the post!!
My Harness does not have connector #2 is this a problem?

it has #1 #3 and the phone connectors as pictured above.
So far so good. Only issue is that he tapped into power and ground off the RNS-E plug and it did not seem to like that, as it grounded out the K line and i couldnt access anytthing with my vagcom till i pulled off the ground.

That is my fault for not bring my vagcomm with me when i went..I am going to have him do seperte ground and power like the instructions showed.

Should be good to go tonght though..
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