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seller gave me a strange code

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I bought a nav+ from and they gave me my unlock code/pin and the first symbol was ^. And I can only enter numbers as you know. I tried 7 but it didn't work. Any guesses what it might mean? :roll:
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The code contains only the numbers 0-9. If this sign was not a 1 or 7 you better check with them for the right code.
I bet you it is 1. In Europe they write 1 with little dash :D
/| is the 1.

I got that from polish and german units and my girlfriend also writes 1's like that and she is Latvian.
it worked!!!!! Finally I have everything working. I want to thank everybody on this forum, especially AudiA4B6US, and proxus, becuase their write ups helped me figure out a lot of confusing information. And for supplying the goods!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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