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SDS menu in engineering mode

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When I find a menu called SDS in the engineering mode, does it mean the unit has SDS..?
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I don't think so. IIRC my "E" unit has this entry as well, and it doesn't support SDS...
It seems to me that at least there is a possibility that one can get SDS to work, since ,as you can see there (E.M.), the required SDS software is loaded in the RNS-E. Why would there be a possibility to have the required firmware loaded if that unit should never be able to enable the SDS funtionality? We know however, see other posts referring to this issue, that at least the mic needs to be connected to the headunit i.s.o. FSE. I guess that nobody has tested this out yet. Why not hook up a mic to the RNS-E + recode the FSE. Then we know and, if positive, the RNS-E's you're selling will gain interesting functionality (worth €400,--) at no extra cost!
So, if I understand, we could connect a mic to the RNS-E (MIC+/MIC- pins) and recode the navi, then, may be that SDS works without extra hardware?

I hope so. Needs to be tested. As far as the recoding is concerned I think only the FSE needs to know that the mic is hooked up to the RNS-E i.s.o. directly to the FSE.
there is no additional hardware required for sds to work on rnse you need 2 wire in the genuine mic to the mic input and run a software update don't know the equivilent in the US plus code steering for the button to work it varies tho across modles i do it for a living i need 2 figure out vim on the 3g rnse part numbers ending 93 can ne 1 help me with this :-s
tdon't know the equivilent in the US
There is no equivalent in the US, as the US SW does not include SDS.

3g rnse:-s
I'll say this very clearly...

There is NO SUCH THING as a 3G RNS-E,

that's just sales bullsh*t from Hazzydayz.
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